Notary Services at your Convenience

Wondering where to find a Notary in San Luis Obispo County or northern Santa Barbara County? Well, you’ve found one! The Traveling Notary is a full service notary public, more convenient than other notaries on the Central Coast. I will notarize documents whenever and wherever you want. I can meet you at your home, office, or even a coffee shop. I bring everything. All you bring are a government-issued photo ID, the document(s) to be notarized, and a check, cash or credit/debit cards. (Credit/debit card use includes $1.50 card fee.)       Click here for prices.

The Traveling Notary provides Acknowledgements, Jurats and other services to help you make sure your business transactions are completed properly.

All it takes is an appointment! Make an appointment today! Call me at 805-540-4152 or email me at david@travelingnotary.biz . I monitor my email constantly.

Same Day Service possible if an appointment is set before 10 am.


NEWSFLASH!  The Traveling Notary is becoming part of another company, Oak Business Services and Notary. This website will be updated and link to the new company’s website as soon as possible.